Element symbols

Explore the intriguing world of element symbols and uncover the secrets behind each unique symbol. Learn how these symbols play a crucial role in understanding the elements and their properties.
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31-ene-2020 - Description *venom icon update 1/10/2020* *2019 update* Illusion magic and space *lava icon updat 2/11/2020* *sheet revamp* 3/4/2020* All the descriptions for dragons bio classifications types will soon be released in detail with traits and abilities. Elements: Dragon elements: Common Fire Wind Earth Water Ice Electricity Nature Uncommon Metal Venom Light Shadow Sound Lava Storm Rare Crystal Illusion Other world info- Stray star: Dragon stats Guild Emblems -Stray stars…

Valerie Wagner
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These symbols represent the different elemental types in the game I'm designing. Starting from the top, going clockwise: Light - the negative space is a sun, radiating light outward Air - a cyclone Water - a wave Darkness - a bat's wing forming the shape of a crescent moon Earth - stalagmites forming a skull-like pattern Fire - well, fire

Vivien (Vya) Györfiné Mester