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Discover creative ways to hide or decorate electric boxes in your home. Upgrade the look of your space while maintaining functionality with these top ideas.
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Electric Code Circuit Breaker Panel Box Requirements | Hunker

The National Electric Code (NEC) includes the minimum standards for installing a circuit breaker panel box. These standards set the minimum safety standards for panel boxes. Three of these standards concern the box location, clearance and space around the box, and box height.

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Electric Box PBR

PBR 3D model of box for Electric cables and meters. Product’s features: - Originally created with 3ds Max 2014 saved in 2012 - Two .max files with V-ray Adv 2.50 and Standard 3ds Max materials - Texture size: 2048×2048 - Unit system is set to Centimeter. -PBR texture pack: AO, Diffuse, BaseColor, Normal map, High, Roughness, Metalic, gloss, spec, reflect, - Previews rendered in 3ds Max 2014 using V-ray Adv 2.50. Special notes: - .obj format is recommended for import in other 3d software. If…

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Ideas on how to hide your electrical panel that actually look good!

Are you looking to hide an electrical panel in your home? Find tons of ideas on what to use no matter where the breaker box is located.

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