Edible fruit arrangements

Impress your guests with beautiful and tasty edible fruit arrangements. Explore creative ideas to make your next event or gathering more memorable.

I was asked to do a cooking demonstration at the end of June, sponsored by the Dacotah Prairie Museum. The working title for this demonstration is "Summer Patio Brunch". I recently made the dishes I will be demonstrating in order to make sure everything tastes right and the recipe amounts are correct. Also, I photograph as I go, so I have step-by-step photos if needed. I create full color recipe pages with all the step-by-step photos so everyone will have the knowledge they need to recreate…

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Have you ever seen a fruit bouquet? I think they are genius. Not only are they beautiful, but they are delicious to eat, and they are healthy! That is three wins. Earlier this year I made this fruit bouquet for a friend. These can be made for any occasion, birthdays, holidays, thinking of you etc. And they are not that hard to make, the pineapples and melting the chocolate took the longest time. And that was not long at all.

Raye Ann Maher