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Explore a collection of delicious and easy Asian recipes that you can try at home. From flavorful stir-fries to mouthwatering dumplings, discover new dishes to satisfy your cravings.
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15 Healthy Asian Recipes that can be made under 30 minutes for your busy week dinner. You will love all these 15 Healthy Asian dinner Recipes. They are the perfect kid friendly dinner ideas. And You can meal prep them for the week because these are great freezer friendly dinner recipes. These healthy Asian dinner recipes are also so easy to make either healthy stir fry or a quick instant pot dinner recipe!

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General Tso's Chicken is the popular American-Chinese Restaurant food we love to order! Breaded sweet fried chicken pieces are so close to sesame and orange chicken only its not as spicy or sour! It's better-than-takeout and super easy to make!

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