Drinks with cranberry juice

Quench your thirst with these delicious drink recipes that feature the tangy goodness of cranberry juice. Try these refreshing beverages and elevate your taste buds to a whole new level.
Top photo is a close up of the Cranberry Orange mocktail with a fresh cranberry and orange slice garnish. Underneath that is bold text that says "cranberry & orange mocktail", and then at the bottom is a photo showing two mocktails together on a countertop with some evergreen decor in the background. Orange Mocktail Recipes, Orange Mocktail, Christmas Drinks Nonalcoholic, Cranberry Mocktail, Thanksgiving Drink, Drinks With Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice Cocktails, Orange Juice Recipes, Orange Juice Drinks

Cranberry and Orange Juice Mocktail - Non-alcoholic Christmas Drink

This Cranberry Orange Juice mocktail is an easy and festive drink to make for the whole family! It's the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas drink. Cranberry and orange juice go perfectly together in this delicous mocktail.

Annika Dienst
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Cranberry Old Fashioned {Holiday Favorite} - Miss in the Kitchen

This Cranberry Old Fashioned Cocktail is so simple and easy to make for holiday parties! Just 3 ingredients and you are set for a classic holiday cocktail.

lynnetta rock