Dot day

Celebrate Dot Day with these fun and interactive activities that will inspire creativity in kids. Engage your little ones with colorful dot art projects and encourage them to express their imagination.
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Coming up with original ideas to celebrate Dot Day is not always easy, especially when you celebrate it every year with Kindergarten, First and Second Graders. I enjoy rereading the story with the students each year, but each year I need to come up with a different project that celebrates dots, circles and the like. […]

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This year is the 10 year anniversary of International Dot Day and the 15th anniversary of the publication of The Dot. People all around the world celebrate creative expression, inspired by Peter H. Reynolds’ picture book, The Dot. Every year, Dot Day falls on or near September 15. I’d like to share how I helped my K-2 students explore their own creativity this year for

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Free International Dot Day Activity (Creativity Challenges) Teachers, are you looking for some free resources for International Dot Day? Dot Day takes place on September 15th. The inspiration for the day comes from the book, The Dot , by Peter H. Reynolds. In the story, the main charac

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Cassie Stephens: What the Art Teacher Wore #114 and INTERNATIONAL DOT DAY! Crafts, Art Lesson Plans, Arts And Crafts, Pre K, Middle School Art, Elementary Art, Elementary Art Projects, School Art Projects, Art Lessons Elementary

Happy International Dot Day, y'all! I thought I'd share with you what my students created for International Dot Day in this here What I Wore post because I'm so stinkin' excited! My lil artist friends have worked so hard for weeks on these masterpieces (I've shared a sneak peak here and last year's Dot Day here)...and their art teacher (um, that'd be me, speaking in third person like a true crazy) just barely got everything up in time for Thursday's Open House. Over the next coupla weeks…

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In my last blog post, I shared that my students were spending a couple of days rotating between four different art makin' stations. We spent two days doing that and ended up with a TON of dots! We are now assembling our dots in a large collage on 18"X24" inch paper. Here is the video I created to walk them through assembling their work: I love how they all turned out and the kids loved all the different stations they rotated to. You can check out the three videos I made of art makin' centers…

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International Dot Day is celebrated on September 15th. It is a day meant to encourage students to be creative, curious, and brave. The inspiration for the day comes from the book, The Dot , by Peter H. Reynolds. The story of The Dot centers around the main character, V

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