Dogs of the world

Embark on a virtual journey to discover the incredible variety of dog breeds from different countries. Learn about their unique traits and characteristics, and find inspiration for your next furry friend.
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The shepherd family of dog breeds includes some of the most popular dogs in the world, such as the German Shepherd, the Australian Shepherd, and the Border Collie. These dogs are all considered herding dogs, which means they were originally bred to herd livestock.

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Have you ever wondered where your dog's ancestors lived? Illustrator Lili Chin has created a cute way to answer those questions with a poster series called "Dogs Of The World," which features more than 200 dog breeds, classified by their places of origin. Cute doggies and an educational experience in one beautiful package!

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Step into the majestic world of German Shepherds! Celebrated for their intelligence, loyalty, and versatility, these dogs are the epitome of canine excellence. Explore the exciting journey of owning a German Shepherd, from understanding their training needs to celebrating their protective and loving nature. There's an entire universe of companionship and loyalty waiting for you.