DIY toys for horses

Discover fun and interactive DIY toys that will keep your horses entertained for hours. Enhance their playtime with these imaginative and budget-friendly ideas.
Image pin shows DIY noodle ball treat toy for horses hanging from fingers. Toy is made of webby, hollow o ball baby toy and full of carrot noodles and cucumber noodles. Inset image shows toy in foreground and horse approaching in background. Overlay text reads: noodle ball toy for horses with Enriching Equines logo in lower left corner. Homemade Horse Treats, Easy Horse Stalls, Horse Treats, Toys For Horses, Diy Horse Toys, Donkey Care, Dog Enrichment, Horse Diy, Horse Stalls

Healthy treat toy for stall or pasture! This DIY budget friendly horse enrichment is easy to make, healthy, cute, and lots of fun for your horse. Tap to the blog for full instructions and video on how to make your own - and make your horse's day! :) #horseenrichment #horsetoys #equestrian #horseDIY #paddockparadise #pasture #stable #horselife #equineenrichment #happyhorse

Arianna Gough
DIY Horse Snuffle Box | Easy Horse Enrichment - Enriching Equines Toys, Ideas, Cleaning Materials, Diy, Horse Care, Diy Horse Toys, Homemade Horse Treats, Horse Treats, Horse Stuff

The DIY horse snuffle box is a riff on the equine snuffle mat for enrichment, but is easy to make at home. There’s no need to sew fabric or cut plastic or rubber. And this horse toy uses easy to find materials. It’s a quick project that helps with equine boredom and gives your horse […]

Caitlyn Cataldo
A black horse places nose into an equine enrichment item made from a blue kiddie pool full of pumpkins and straw with treats hidden underneath. Orange text on orange background beneath reads: Fall Forage Pile for Horses Mental Stimulation and Boredom Relief. Blue and red Enriching Equines logo in lower left corner. American Horse Barns, Horse Care, Horse Health, Horse Feed, Horse Care Tips, Horse Farms, Horse Food, Horse Farm Ideas, Equines

Fall is a great of year to be with your horse. Fresh, crisp mornings, beautiful weather, and lots of holidays and seasonal activities. Take advantage of autumn by sharing enrichment activities with your horse, giving you more ways to enjoy the season – and ensuring that your horse enjoys it as much as you do! […]

Jodi Whidby