Diy paint booth

Learn how to build a DIY paint booth to achieve professional-quality finishes on your projects. Discover step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to make your painting process easier and more efficient.
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Introduction: The directions for this paint booth came from bits and pieces of other booths I saw on the net, combined with some of my own ideas. I am not a carpenter or electrician, as you will see, but this is an easy enough project that nearly anyone can accomplish with a little time and motivation. View from outside of garage View from inside of garage (please ignore junk around it) The booth being shown here is not enclosed, so it does not use positive air pressure to keep the air…

Mark Ellison
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Learn how to build a spray paint booth using a camping tent, air filters, lights and simple supplies to create a simple spray paint tent. As a DIYer you know how fun it is to create projects that can make your home look amazing. But the downside of spray painting is having to worry about... View Post

Nicole Lampkin