Diy hand scrub recipe

Pamper your hands with these easy and effective DIY hand scrub recipes. Say goodbye to dryness and roughness and hello to soft and smooth hands with these natural ingredients.
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I have seen sugar hand scrub recipes many times in the past in magazines and on tv and such. I finally got around to experimenting with a few myself and I was so pleased with the results. I really do recommend trying one of these scrubs out – I bet you are hooked! I do...Read More »

Molly Christian
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This easy sugar scrub recipe is perfect for beginners. Just 2 ingredients needed for the basic recipe, then customize your scrub however you like. Customizing tips and ideas for customizing are included in this recipe! You wanted to simplify your beauty routine by going green, and making your own DIY products. Instead you’ve got thirty-three

Cristina Holzer