Dirty dishes

Learn how to efficiently clean your dirty dishes with these quick and easy tips. Say goodbye to the pile of dishes and hello to a sparkling clean kitchen.
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Is Your House Bringing You Down? How to Improve a Yin House

All energy in the universe exists as a duality; it's either positive or negative, yin or yang. Yang energy is the bright energy of laughing children, blooming flowers, energy moving, and outward movement. Yin energy is the energy of darkness, stillness, and going inwards. Both are important, but when one is out of balance, the house can become overloaded with that energy.

Zara Rodz
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Recessionista in the Kitchen: How to Care for Your Pots, Pans, and Knives, and Help Them Care for You

Do you feel like a klutz in the kitchen? Have you been schlepping the same rotten, scratched cookware around with you since college? It doesn't take much effort to learn how to care for your kitchen-dwellers: and if you do, they will care for you, and your wallet. Reciprocity at its finest!

Sandra Moore