Dining room with bar area

Create a stylish and functional dining room with a bar area. Explore top design ideas to entertain guests and elevate your dining experience.
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This one was really special to me. Never in a million years would I have imagined that my sister and her family would move from their home in Colorado here to Arkansas. I’m just so incredibly grateful to have them close and now, that we finally have them near us, I intend for them to […]

Tammy Wortham

OK....where did we leave off...a few people have emailed me that they aren't receiving my blog...so I am not sure if it's because I have not been blogging much of if "blogger" has changed something and I don't know about it? Is "blogger" still a thing? Do people still use it? Help a sister out.....:) It has been a busy month. My car wouldn't start and when you are single...well that is just a bummer because it's not like there is another car in the driveway to use! So I got a jump from my…

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Are you tired of walking past your unused dining room, feeling like it's a wasted space in your home? If the formal dining setting no longer aligns with your lifestyle, it might be time to reimagine and repurpose this room into something that better suits your needs. In this blog post, we'll explore 7 creative ideas from family game rooms to cozy libraries! Let's discover how to breathe new life into your home by giving your dining room a fresh and purposeful makeover.

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Jason and I love to entertain! We host many family gatherings throughout the year such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and 4th of July! Not to mention the countless birthday parties and impromptu invites to hang by the fire and have a glass of wine. So a butler’s pantry was high on my list of must ... Read More about Designing A Functional Butlers Pantry

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