Detox your armpits

Discover effective and natural methods to detox your armpits and improve your overall health. Say goodbye to toxins and hello to fresh and healthy underarms with these simple tips.
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Our armpits can hold a lot of junk in them, especially if you use a conventional deodorant, and sometimes this causes bad odor. This simple armpit detox will clear out your armpits. It's ideal for those switching from regular to natural deodorants or for those using natural deodorants without success.

Joanne Meadows
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Have you ever heard of the Lymphatic system? I’m sure you have. Do you know what it’s main function is? To help the body transport lymph fluid for fighting infection and to REMOVE toxins and waste product. Do you know where there are over 20 lymph nodes located? In the ARMPIT! We need to

Kelly Jones