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Travel back in time with Dear Photograph and relive cherished memories. Explore heartwarming photos that capture the essence of nostalgia and inspire you to create your own timeless moments.
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What started off as a small blog with just 6 family pictures based on a principle of matching an old photo with the present day setting, has now turned into highly successful site of digital nostalgia with hundreds of submissions from all over the world. Here are some of our favorite and most heart touching dear photograph picks.

Kelsie Monsen
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I apologize for the absence. I haven't really done anything except work and then my computer broke so I haven't been able to put together a good post. I'm currently on my mom's laptop and it is a huge pain. (Thank goodness for smart phones). I'm hoping it is just the power cord because if it's something more I'm in trouble. Recently I've been feeling very down. I decided to look through old photos and that was a great decision. The nostalgia put me in such a great mood and reminded me how…

Ferne G.
Súper Montaje!!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3 The New Year's almost here! You know what that means: resolutions. Time to tackle all of those photo troubles you had this past year. Lose some weight: "Listen, Mr. 70-200mm, you're a few lens elements too heavy." Eat healthier: Nom, memory cards

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