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Velsharoon (pronounced: /ˈvɛlʃɑːruːn/ VEL-shah-roon), also known as Mellifleur, was the Faerunian demigod of necromancy, the patron of liches and those that explored undeath. Arrogant and obsessed, the Archmage of Necromancy continued his experiments on the living and the dead as a god, paying no heed to the lesser lives lost in the name of his research and encouraging his disciples to do the same. Velsharoon appeared as a gaunt, sallow-skinned man 10 feet (3 meters) in height, his deathly…

Carbonisation Technique | Naruto Fanon Wiki | Fandom Art, Iphone Wallpaper, Scenery, Eiffel Tower, Vintage Wallpaper, Desert Aesthetic, Resim, Dune, Abstract

The Carbonisation Technique (炭化の術, Tanka no Jutsu) is protean, whole body technique, similar to a certain other technique, however this one instead grants the user the ability to turn their body into fine grains of course soil, each of these grains are of Planck length, roughly equal to about 10-20 times the size of a proton. This lets the user easily pass through any material by letting his cells pass through those of the object their passing through. This is an original technique developed…

Yijia Zhang
Hollow  Head by Beloved-Creature photoshop resource collected by psd-dude.com from deviantart Scary Halloween, Halloween Art, Spooky Halloween, Halloween, Halloween Drawings, Halloween Illustration, Halloween Artwork, Halloween Witch, Halloween Images

Halloween is coming soon! So I was inspired by this creepy holiday to add some nice horror Halloween resources for all the digital art fans. After publishing the Witches Pumpkins and Creepy Halloween Photoshop Brushes list, today I propose to you a list with amazing Halloween inspired digital paintings. Big thank you to all the talented artists featured in this list. I hope you find this inspirational material interesting enough to share it with all your friends!