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The Radiophonic Workshop creates creepy score for ‘Possum’ with help from the late Delia Derbyshire | Dangerous Minds David Fincher, Original Doctor Who, Freddy's Nightmares, Ghost Box, Sean Harris, Scarred For Life, Denis Villeneuve, The Queen's Gambit

I normally don’t post about a film I haven’t yet seen but I’m saving Possum until the holidays are here—I gotta have something fun to watch—so allow me to concentrate on the film’s remarkable soundtrack. That I have heard, and if the film it accompanies is half as good (or even a quarter as creepy) it’s gonna make for the perfect Christmas day horror movie. Possum, by the way, tells “the story of a disgraced children’s puppeteer who returns to his childhood home and is forced to confront his…

Reddy cover Everything Song, Mitch Mitchell, Wally West, Dangerous Minds, Ring Doorbell, National Treasure, Jim Morrison, Greatest Songs, Indie Rock

Photo shoot for the Guided By Voices album ‘Sandbox,’ 1987. (Courtesy: Robert Pollard) Robert Pollard, majordomo for Guided By Voices and a host of other projects, isn’t just a prolific songwriter, with over 2,000 published tunes; he’s also one of the best. Pollard’s greatest songs are up there with the finest rock-n-roll ever committed to wax. I’m convinced the Dayton, Ohio, native will one day be called a “national treasure,” but for now, he’s a cult artist with a fanatical following that…

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