Crusty rye bread recipe

Bake your own homemade crusty rye bread with this easy recipe. Enjoy the irresistible aroma and taste of freshly baked bread right from your oven. Get started today!
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This Eastern European Rye Bread is soft and light with a crispy crust. It is perfect for deli style sandwiches. I was a little nervous about this bread at first, mostly because the dough requires quite a bit of kneading, which is something that normally turns rye dough into glue (at least for me). The dough started out really sticky and glue-like, but an amazing thing happened. After about eight minutes of kneading with the stand mixer on medium speed, the dough became smooth and easy to…

Paul Kajmo
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An easy, artisan-style rye bread with a crunchy crust. A touch of molasses and a measure of caraway seeds adds to the flavor depth. Baking in a Dutch oven gives this bread a crunchy top and a moist crumb.

Sandy Pokorny