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Get ready to turn heads with these crazy eyes makeup ideas. Experiment with bold colors and unique designs to create a mesmerizing look that will leave a lasting impression. : #1175A*GIANT WHITE HABANERO 25 seeds : Patio, Lawn & Garden Humour, Wtf Face, Meme, Persona, Funny Face Photo, Face Pictures, Ugly Faces, Funny Profile Pictures, Fotos

About this item White Giant Habanero fruit that needs to be handled with caution! The White Giant Habanero is larger than a regular habanero, but compared to its white counterparts like the White Bullet it is a GIANT! Origin of this variety is unknown.-Keep in mind that homemade jelly, and especially White Giant Habanero jelly, EASY TO GROW-Scoville Scale: 375,000-550,00 For the HOT pepper lover. One of the hottest peppers in the World.

Randy Carney