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Explore unique and inspiring craft paper design ideas to unleash your creativity. Get inspired to create beautiful crafts with craft paper and add a personal touch to your projects.
Oh Babushka was proud to be commissioned to develop the branding for Botanica – a whole foods approach to take away Packaging, Design, Corporate Design, Box Packaging Design, Paper Packaging, Packaging Design Inspiration, Packaging Design, Packaging Labels Design, Food Packaging Design

The important task in creating package design for Mein Honig was how to differentiate the types of honey Mein Honig offers while keeping the lost low. Both the designer and owner also wanted to keep the product colorless and organic. Mein Honig is comprised with various exclusive sorts of honey, all carefully harvested and traditionally […]

George Mantziaris
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Paper might be one of the most accessible art-making tools available on a large scale and in huge quantities. However, this wasn't always the case. During the Renaissance, paper was still considered a costly material. Hence, painters who could afford it often utilized both sides of a sheet as the paper was too valuable to throw away. And although other artistic mediums could compete with paper in terms of durability, nothing ever came close to its versatility and ease of use.

Berenice Ruiz
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As paper lovers and design enthusiasts, books have always held a special place in our hearts, as they combine so many aspects of our passion, but books as art objects, or, art made from books, are a new intriguing avenue we’re excited to explore. The world of extraordinary artworks from artists and creatives around the globe, using the physical book as raw material or starting point for their creative work is astounding. As the modern world grows more digital by […]

Emely Lopez
Caramela is a chocolate boutique located in Monterrey, Mexico Layout, Design, Packaging, Packaging Labels, Packaging Design, Packaging Design Inspiration, Brand Packaging, Chocolate Packaging Design, Box Design

Variety Pet Foods prides itself on offering taste, variety, nutrition, & fun in every meal. For their Homestyle Recipes line targeting the mass market, Edmundson Martin was engaged to create packaging that would key on unique recipes and convey the essence of a down-home meal. Homestyle Recipes main driver was its flavorful combinations which […]

Sarah Lynch