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Crocheted Cat Hammock and Goodbye August | Content in a Cottage

I love the expression on this cat's face. He seems to be taking for granted his owner crocheted him this wonderful hammock. I have always liked these smoky gray cats. Photo found here. It's hard to believe August is only a few hours away from the end, isn't it? It was hot and dry but I got a lot done and once September rolls around the days literally fly by. See you next month. xo

Amy Gray
The Face Said “Read The Sign”. This Is An Awesome DIY Cat Bed Vintage, Animais, Gatos, Animaux, Perros, Modern Cat, Nook, Animales, Cats

Taste might be subjective, but interesting design decisions are something that many of us can appreciate, no matter how much we might love or loathe a particular aesthetic. When it comes to modern design, there are so many different styles to choose from. The most interesting and unique examples end up getting shared by the founder of the popular ‘Call It Design’ project.

Lucc Grant