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Explore the captivating world of contour line art and learn how to create stunning masterpieces using this unique technique. Unleash your creativity and bring your drawings to life with contour lines.
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Contour lines have become a commonplace, unassuming companion of our cartographic outputs - GIS has made us forget their visual potential. Already in the 19th century cartographers experimented with shaded contours, but the technique has become known as the Tanaka method, after Japanese cartographer Kitiro Tanaka (Kennelly 2016, wiki.gis 2017)....

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Credits: Wikipedia So far we’ve used our Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to create hillshade and color relief. Contours is another common cartographic method used to show the shape of the terrain. If contour lines are placed close to each other, it means that the terrain is steep. Let’s add some contours for our terrain map of Jotunheimen. We can use a GDAL command, gdal_contour, to create vector contour lines from a DEM: gdal_contour -a height jotunheimen.tif jotunheimen_contour_25m.shp -i…