Condo living room kitchen combo

Maximize space and style with modern ideas for a living room kitchen combo in your condo. Discover innovative ways to create a functional and stylish space that seamlessly blends both areas.
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Our home has a living room that is connected to the kitchen and dining room and today I am sharing all the details on the living room! I am not totally done decorating but I wanted to share what we have so far. White Couch Talk First, let me address the white couch. It’s been just about a year that we have had this couch and so far… I love it! I get asked a lot- HOW, WHY do you have a white couch with 2 kids and 2 dogs?! Well, to be honest it is bit of an experiment. […]

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13 Awesome 12x16 Living Room Layouts - Home Decor Bliss Ideas, Design, Layout, Living Room Designs, Apartment Living, Small Living Room Layout, Living Room Floor Plans, Living Room Plan, Living Room Layouts

12x16 living rooms are common, and this floorplan is pretty advantageous. Although rectangular, the dimensions are close to square, offering the spacious feel of a square room. We may include affiliate links and curated AI content to highlight top design styles. However, choosing the best furniture layout can be challenging. With so much floor space, […]

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Arranging furniture and separating space in a living and dining room combo can be complicated; we created a five-floor plan to inspiration...

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5 Things to Consider Before Removing a Wall to Enlarge Your Kitchen… Ideas, Removing Wall Between Living And Kitchen, Removing Wall Between Kitchen And Dining, Remove Wall Between Kitchen And Dining, Kitchen Remodel Before And After, Kitchen Remodeling Projects, Remodeling Living Room Walls, Kitchen Remodel Idea, Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Is your kitchen too small to have a functional living space or work area? Maybe if your could remove a wall it could improve your kitchen? Opening up the floor plan in an older home will make it more attractive and functional. Removing a wall updates any kitchen design, transforming it into a modern, open-plan

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