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Dive into the world of color theory in art and unlock your creativity. Discover inspiring ideas and techniques to enhance your artwork with the power of color.
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A color nightmare. Years ago, I worked at the Government Agency that didn’t allow me to use any political party color in the designs during election years. In Puerto Rico, traditionally that would be three parties. They each use one color: red, green, and blue. A little problem, right? The basic colors. But in 2012, three non-traditional new parties registered to be part of the democratic process. Each party used one color: orange, purple, and turquoise. Four years went by. In 2016, two of…

Satu V
CMY OK - Eclipse Comics Color Chart 1983 | Wow Cool Vintage Colour Palette, Palette Art, Color Schemes Colour Palettes, Color Palette Design, Colour Pallette, Vintage Color Schemes, Color Palette Challenge, Color Inspo, Color Inspiration

Inspired by a series of posts by the artist José Villarrubia under the title “From a colorist’s perspective,” I promised myself I would scan and post some vintage comic coloring-related artifacts that I have. The first, and possibly most interesting, is this four page color chart created by Eclipse Comics in 1983. Designed by Eclipse publishers […]

Rafael Rosa