Coffee facts

Discover interesting and surprising coffee facts that will leave you amazed. Expand your knowledge about coffee and impress your friends with these fun facts.
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Discover the world of coffee with our guide to 56 types of coffee drinks, 4 types of coffee beans, and 8 types of coffee flavors. Find your new favorite brew.

Nathan Kane
Arabica and Robusta compared: Which variety wins the race? Essen, Coffee Barista Art, Coffee Chart, Coffee Bean Art, Coffee Market, Robusta Coffee, Coffee Infographic, Coffee Shop Branding, Coffee Ingredients

You’ve probably seen it before: On the packaging of the coffee is written large “100% Arabica”. Arabica coffee is often subconsciously sold to us as the “better” coffee. But where does this assumption come from and is there really anything to it? We clear up the half-knowledge and explain which coffee bean really tastes better.

Erol Demircioglu