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Explore the fascinating world of clever animals and witness their incredible intelligence. Learn about their problem-solving skills and adaptive behaviors that will leave you in awe.
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In this video, we get to see the first time Damian introduces his wife, Victoria. Gorillas are highly protective animals, so the introduction process must be handled with care. The gorillas carefully check out Victoria to decide if they can accept her as part of their part human, part gorilla family. Watch this video to

Terry Guindon
Maybe the damage would be worth it if the #raccoon cleaned after himself xD

Maybe the damage would be worth it if the #raccoon cleaned after himself xD

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Many of us love cute dogs and tasty food. Some of us would probably say those are the greatest things in the world. Well, this Instagram account decided it would be a great idea to mix these two together (and no, we don't mean eating dogs. Gross.) The Instagram account dogs_infood has 691k followers that absolutely adore their work—photoshopping tiny dog faces onto food.

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You've heard the saying, "Dog is man's best friend." This classic quote captures the loyal companionship between dogs and humans. But would a dog say that man is his best friend? Does he really feel the same way about his human owner? We see how one very special dog would answer those questions in this

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