Clean drip pans

Learn how to easily clean your stovetop drip pans and maintain a spotless kitchen. Discover effective tips and tricks to remove stubborn stains and keep your pans looking brand new.
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Cleaning stop top drip pans. I'm pretty sure this is a universal job that every ones dreads! They just get so nasty and dirty and scrubbing them clean is quite the challenge! However, I'd found something that makes it so much easier than what I was doing before! Baking soda and vinegar!! Yes, I'm sharing my disgusting drip pans on my blog! However I'm pretty sure anyone that cooks has a stove that looks similar to mine. I know Levi is way cuter to look at so he'll be back soon! Step One…

Hannah Seay
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Clean Drip Pans With No Effort Clean Drip Pans With No Effort! Are you wondering how to clean stove drip pans without smelly chemicals that’ll burn your nose hairs off? I was too. Yeah…. Those filthy drip pans are mine. The oven is just the last thing on my mind to clean but, … Continue reading "Easy Clean Drip Pans With No Effort"

Chloe Fletcher
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So, much like my stove hasn't seen much cleaning love since we moved in! However, moving out means cleaning it's getting its fair share of cleaning love this week! Oh, and it is completely okay to be totally grossed out by the picture to the left...I am! I don't know about you, but I'm no professional in the kitchen (surprise, I know!) so, my burner drip pans get a lot of use! I remember the first time I noticed how bad they looked (about six months ago) and wanted to be…