Circular needle case

Keep your circular needles neatly organized and protected with a stylish and functional needle case. Find the perfect case to store and transport your needles, ensuring they stay in great condition for all your knitting projects.
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I like to start the new year organized, so I tidy up my knitting needles and notions at the start of the new year. When you are ready to cast on a new project, there is nothing worse than searching through a tangle of needles to find the size you need. Read on if your knitting needles look like this: Let's solve tha

isabel brull
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Circular needles can get so tangled and messy! All different lengths and thicknesses in a jumble of wires in the bottom of your knitting basket - no good! Here is a tutorial to help you make a circular knitting needle holder that will keep them all neat as a pin! 1) Collect your materials: -Fabric scraps at least 13" x 10" -Fleece iron on interfacing if you are using quilter's cotton (if you are using decorator's weight fabric no need for interfacing.) -1 yd ribbon -washable fabric marker…

Maggie Marsteller Keller
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Knitting is a relaxing, fun hobby, but all your supplies can take up a lot of space! If you use circular knitting needles, you might struggle with finding the perfect place to store them. Luckily, there are plenty of options, whether you...

Elizabeth Miller-Moyle
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I’m really excited to present to you my newest sewing pattern, the Needle Pouch. This handy little pouch is the second pattern I’m publishing under LAOLA patterns, the pattern brand I created together with my friend Alex Roda. As always you can expect a very detailed sewing pattern with in depth ins

Lisa Scheppers