Cinnamon twists

Indulge in the sweet and irresistible flavors of cinnamon twists with these mouthwatering recipes. Try these delectable treats and satisfy your cravings today!
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Cinnamon Twists are loaded with cinnamon flavor. However, Cinnamon Twists are traditionally deep-fried, so they're pretty unhealthy. Instead of frying these delicious cinnamon twists in oil, we 'fried' them in the air fryer to make these Twists healthier. As a result, the Cinnamon Twists end up with a crispy texture and fluffy interior. You may also try another recipe of cinnamon, the Keto Cinnamon Rolls. They are just as delicious, if not better, than regular Twists, and as a result, you…

Jamie Hoover