Cinnamon basil

Discover the flavorful world of cinnamon basil with our collection of delicious recipes. Learn about the health benefits of this aromatic herb and start incorporating it into your cooking today.
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Thanks to its cinnamate compound, this basil variety is beneficial against diarrhoea, constipation, kidney problems, cough, headache and warts. The cinnamon flavour makes it a favourite in Thai and Italian cuisines.For maximum, and immediate benefit, a tea infusion using the herb is highly recommended: • 4 cups of water • 3 cups of cinnamon basil leaves • 4 bags of black tea • Thinly sliced orange • Honey to taste Boil the water, adding the basil leaves and teabags. A few minutes afte

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Do you know what the best things to do with your basil flowers are? Although most people know that basil flowers are edible, not everyone knows how to

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Basil is an incredibly versatile herb that has many health benefits. Not only is it a popular spice to use when cooking common dishes such as Pesto or Caprese salads, but it can be used in drinks such as lemonade. Basil tea, however, is one of the best (and refreshing) ways to enjoy the health

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