Christmas tv shows

Get into the festive spirit with these must-watch Christmas TV shows. From heartwarming classics to new favorites, these shows will bring joy and cheer to your holiday season.
happy days Christmas Episode | Happy Days Christmas tv special -- the Fonz has no family but doesn't ... Natal, Happy Days Tv Show, Christmas Tv Specials, Christmas Tv Shows, The Fonz, Christmas Episodes, Vintage Christmas Photos, Real Christmas, Christmas Shows watch all of your favorite Christmas movies and tv show specials. In no particular order here are my favorites to watch year after year after year. Christmas In Connecticut The Muppets Christmas Carol -- a perennial favorite. Elf -- I was watching this last year when I went into labor, needless to say I did not finish the movie. Home Alone -- I just recently sold my Talkboy. Addams Family tv Christmas Special It's A Wonderful Life -- I have a very special place in my heart for this…

Cheryl Matthews
Christmas TV History: That Girl Christmas (1966) Hollywood Star, Christmas Pictures, Christmas Episodes, Beautiful Christmas, Christmas Past, Christmas Shows, Christmas Images, Christmas Tv Shows, Christmas Girl

I'm going to take a one day break from Animation Celebration this week to participate in The Me-TV blogathon. This post is part of Me-TV's Summer of Classic TV Blogathon hosted by the Classic TV Blog Association. Go to to view more posts in this blogathon. You can also go to to learn more about Me-TV and view its summer line-up of classic TV shows. I wanted to share the 1966 Christmas episode of That Girl entitled Christmas and…