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Discover creative and meaningful Christmas manger ideas to bring the true spirit of the season into your home. Create a beautiful and meaningful display that captures the essence of Christmas.
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This time of year reminds us that anxiety and grief do not take a vacation. The heaviness associated with expectations, busy schedules and loss all seem to permeate every special occasion, especially at Christmas. Holiday stressors like grief and loss can stop us in our tracks. How do we celebrate when we are so focused on our worry? During the holiday season, it’s easy to get stressed and lose focus of what Christmas is really all about: Jesus. Daily prayer is so important, especially…

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I love the idea of putting Christmas gifts under a manger (it can stand alone or under Christmas tree) as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Also, placing child Jesus in manger after midnight Mass... with song & celebration! Christmas Manger, Christmas Play, Christmas Nativity Scene, Christmas Wood, Christmas 2019, Christmas Projects, Christmas Holidays, Christmas Ornaments, Catholic Christmas

During Advent, Christians gather around the Manger, as yet empty. “Come, Lord Jesus, do not delay,” the Church’s liturgy prays. Just as the Baby in the Manger represents for us the greatest Gift God brings, so the emptiness of the Manger represents the deep needs of the human heart — needs that not only we […]

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For three years now, I've asked my husband to make me a manger. I want a big one to put outside during Christmas. I know he can do it. Four years ago he made me a giant red sleigh. I loved it! But it was so big that you had to disassemble it to put it away every year and the screw holes had started to strip out. This year he said "no red sleigh." So where is my manger? Well, I don't try not to nag and I know there are other projects he would rather be working on. So this morning after I…

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A manger is a feeding container used to hold food for livestock and other animals. The word is derived from the French word manger, which means to eat. A manger can be made from any material, such as wood, clay, stone or metal. A manger...