Christmas cards using cricut

Personalize your holiday greetings with these creative Christmas card ideas using Cricut. Discover unique designs and make your cards stand out this holiday season.
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If you love to make your own DIY Handmade Christmas Cards, you will be surprised at how easy they can be with a Cricut machine. There are so many styles and designs to choose from, you’ll be making Christmas cards for everyone! I love making homemade Christmas cards, and every year I try to make...

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Christmas Cards With Cricut, 2021

Some of the Christmas Cards I made in 2021 Because of a temporary issue with my posts being flagged as spam, none of the links here are clickable. You can copy and paste them. Sorry for the inconvenience! This was a temporary freebie from: I LOVE that this envelope can be made from 8.5x 11 cardstock. This Nativity "Card" was meant to be a shadow box. I frequently take these layered designs and turn them into…

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