Chocolate olive oil cake

Indulge in the rich and moist flavors of chocolate olive oil cake. Discover top recipes that combine the goodness of chocolate with the unique taste of olive oil. Try these mouthwatering cakes today!
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Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Recipe

This tender chocolate cake has a deep cocoa flavor that’s intensified by the slight bitterness of olive oil. Cinnamon adds a touch of spice here, and the Earl Grey tea, a mellow citrus perfume. Feel free to play around with the hot liquid used to dissolve the cocoa powder: Coffee, red wine, orange juice or any other flavorful tea will add their own notes to the cake, while water will let the chocolate shine on its own. Serve this as is, or with a dollop of whipped cream or some ice cream on…

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Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Although I first came up with this recipe because I had someone coming for supper who — genuinely — couldn't eat wheat or dairy, it is so meltingly good, I now make it all the time for those whose life and diet are not so unfairly constrained, myself included. It is slightly heavier with the almonds — though not in a bad way — so if you want a lighter crumb, rather than a squidgy interior, and are not making the cake for the gluten-intolerant, then replace the 150g ground almonds / 1½ cups…

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Chocolate Olive Oil Cake | America's Test Kitchen Recipe

Dressed up or served unadorned, this dark, rich version of a reader favorite comes together even more easily than the original. Our Olive Oil Cake is a reader favorite, and many have requested that we create a chocolate version. Doing so required several changes to the original recipe, but the new version turned out to be even easier than the original since it's mixed by hand rather than in a stand mixer. A combination of unsweetened cocoa powder and melted bittersweet chocolate provided…

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Chocolate Olive Oil Loaf Cake | Love and Olive Oil

This unique chocolate loaf cake is made with olive oil for a distinctive flavor and perfectly moist crumb. Not to mention it comes together in mere minutes, no mixer required! This moist and tender cake is made with olive oil for a unique flavor and moist and tender texture. The drizzle of olive oil chocolate

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