Chinese language writing

Learn how to write Chinese characters effectively and confidently with these expert tips. Start your journey to becoming fluent in Chinese language writing today.
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The last skill to master in 听说读写 is writing. Logically, it only makes sense to a child to want to practise writing a certain word if he knows how to read the word and understands its meaning, isn't it? Otherwise it’s just another art piece to him. Writing will in turn enhance a child’s reading ability because the action helps him to internalise the learning of the word. There are some guidelines to follow when it comes to writing Chinese characters. They are the 笔画 and 笔顺. The strokes (笔画)…

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Rudiments of Chinese Language - Lesson 1 Chinese characters, also known as Hanzi, are the logographic writing system used in the Chinese language. They are composed of strokes, which are basic units of writing. Understanding the rudiments of Chinese characters involves familiarizing oneself with