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Experience the thrill of Chaos Legion, an action-packed adventure game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Join the legion and conquer the chaos in this epic gaming experience.
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Hi all Been another damn good day for 8th edition 40K. Firstly we have the new Codex Heretic Astartes. Content-wise, this is possibly the best Chaos Space Marine Codex to date. It is just full of history of not just the Traitor Legions but quite a few of the Renegade Chapters. Black Legion look and feel better than ever too. They ever were my favourite of the Legions, and it details a lot of their history and organisation/formation that was set out by ADB etc. I do love a good nod to the…

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Thanatos - The Ultimate Legion, is one of the Legions of Chaos. Thanatos is the first legion owned by Sieg Wahrheit. In its Adult and Perfect Forms, Thanatos is the largest legion in terms of size. This legion is quite unique in the sense that instead of increasing the number of members in its legion, it matures as the level of its Force increases. The player begins with Thanatos (in Adult Form) as their first legion; however, the legion is soon lost after Victor Delacroix shatters the…

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