Ceramic bead jewelry

Explore a collection of beautiful ceramic bead jewelry designs that are perfect for any occasion. Add a touch of elegance and style to your outfits with these stunning accessories.
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Constructed of handmade ceramic beads, these are such fun to make! Each keyring is made of 5 beads with a heart bead at the end. All beads are handmade by me in my home studio, glazed and fired twice in my kiln. They are attached to the keyring with faux leather cord. All of these are different and you would be allocated one randomly (unless you specify a particular item). Please see my other keyring designs with beads and leaves. Length approximately 12cm

Emily Meeks
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If you have ever wanted a look into how I make my ceramic beads, I have written an article for the online magazine: Artisan Jewelry Times called Ceramic Clay Bead Basics, where I go over all of the basic details about making and firing ceramic beads. In the June 2016 article, I discuss clay and…

Mrs. G's Magic Tree House
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The Flower Our multicolored layered beads were a favorite. We learned the basic skills first on making the round beads. The picture above shows a student rolling the what will become the flower. She is applying pressure to the bumpy bubble wrap which has been tied around a foam tube to give the fibers the necessary agitation and pressure to felt. Here are some photos of the beautiful creations from my Felted Bead Making Class at Fiber Options ( a fabulous--take your breath away-- yarn and…

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🔸Descriptions Jewelry is always a wonderful gift for any girl, a woman at all times. The perfect shape of these beautifully patterned beads will adorn outfits in any style (from business to evening or casual). Each bead is made using complex special technology and has its unique design. Ideal for a gift for wife, girlfriend, mother, a colleague for anniversaries, winter holidays, birthday, mother's day, women's day, job promotions, baby births, and many more. This jewelry is incredible in…

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