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Uncover the wonders of the celestial map and embark on a cosmic journey. Discover top ideas to navigate the stars and unlock the secrets of the universe.
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Fantasy Astronomy centers around the depiction of the study of astronomy and astrology in fictional fantasy settings. These visuals are based on astronomers during the Scientific Revolution (16th-17th centuries) but are included in stories with magic systems and feudal politics, with a setting, usually an observatory that has whimsical architecture and scholarly characters. This aesthetic often overlaps with Wizardcore. The astronomy depicted in the fictional situations and aesthetic…

Szilvi M
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Watercolors have their own place in the world of paintings though some may say that they are not as assertive as oil paints or easy drying as acrylic. While these two points of view are not wrong, we feel that each medium we use to paint has their own niche qualities that make them stand out. Watercolors though a bit more difficult to work with because of the time required to dry out can still hold their own because as the title says, they can be used to create an ethereal effect in…

Axully, Vicki Ross
TITLE : the southern constellations    ORIGIN : new york & london    DATE : 1908    TECHNIQUE : lithograph    MEASUREMENT : approx. 7.75 x 5 Art, Tattoos, York, London, Antique Astronomy Prints, Celestial Map, Constellation Map, Antique London Map, Vintage Astronomy Prints

TITLE : THE SOUTHERN CONSTELLATIONS MEASUREMENT : approx. 5 x 8" ORIGIN : new york & london DATE : 1908 TECHNIQUE : lithograph CONDITION : this is an original antique print - as such there may be varying signs of aging... so please look at the photos carefully - the first photo shows the entire print - convo me for additional photos AUTHENTICITY : all prints are guaranteed to be a original ANTIQUE - over 100 years old VINTAGE - over 50 years old DOCUMENT of AUTHENTICITY : a copy of the title…

Seila Fernández