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No matter how beautiful and ‘perfect’ the photos on your Instagram feed might look, not all of them are real. Some are so heavily photoshopped, edited, and altered, it’s borderline ridiculous. I know, it sounds unbelievable that somebody would lie on the internet like this!

Laura R. Munoz
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It's true that the majority of mature celebrities look quite young for their age. Some of them even look better with age than their younger selves. While having good genes and leading a healthy lifestyle which includes good nutrition, exercising, and avoiding bad habits can have a huge impact on a person's appearance, there's no secret that many famous people have other tricks up their sleeves to keep them looking young as long as possible. One of them is plastic surgery. From facelifts…

Dora Holland
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All famous people are familiar with the idea that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. From cross-dressers to impersonators, mimicry is all a part of being a popular celebrity. But what happens when your impersonator is equally famous? Ok, ok, maybe it's unfair to call them an impersonator, how about celebrity doppelganger.

Sonya Timofeeva