Cave home

Transform your living space with these cozy and unique cave home ideas. Create a one-of-a-kind retreat that combines nature and comfort for a truly extraordinary living experience.
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Cave Residence by Pisheh Design / Parima Shahrezai

If advanced humans live in the habitat of the first humans, such an atmosphere is created. A residence in the heart of the mountain where architecture is tied to nature. Natural materials have been used as much as possible.

Someone Is Selling An Unbelievable Home Hidden Inside A Cave, And The Interior Is Even Better Than The Exterior | Bored Panda Budget Interior Design, Cave House, Underground Homes, Cave Creek, Underground Cities, Casa Container, House On The Rock, Ranch Style Home, House Built

Someone Is Selling An Unbelievable Home Hidden Inside A Cave, And The Interior Is Even Better Than The Exterior

Looking for a new place to live, but tired of the same old, boring four walls and a roof? The so-called 'World's most luxurious cave' has gone on sale, and yeah, it's a far cry from the cave dwellings of our ancestors

Andrew Hampton
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17 Best Places for Glamping in Utah - Trips To Discover

Upon researching, there are some pretty insane Airbnbs in Utah, from condos with rock climbing walls to one with slides running off the balcony. But we’re zeroing in on magnificent tents and outdoor-oriented wonders that make for an unforgettable night amongst Utah’s signature red rock territory and the vibrant night sky. Ready to go glamping […]

Erin Petersen
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Lionel Buckett's spectacular Clifftop Cave

"It's an interesting thing with passive solar design," muses Lionel Buckett, "that a cave facing north is probably the first passive solar building that humans ever lived in." And that's what this master builder has created, on a spectacular 600-acre property in Australia's Blue Mountains.