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Explore fun and interactive activities to enhance your Catholic religious education. Discover hands-on lessons and engaging projects to deepen your faith and understanding.
A great depiction of the sacraments.  Even if your church is not sacramental, this is a great source of information at a glance. Bible Crafts, Pre K, Christ, 7 Sacraments, Sacraments Activities, Catholic Sacraments, Seven Sacraments, Faith Formation, Prayer

We are working on a "big picture" of the Sacraments in Religion at school right now. I created these notes for the kids with the four main ideas we keep coming back to: Jesus' mission, the Church, the Sacraments, and Grace...and how they are all related. Here is my version with a little color added to make it pretty. You can print out my copy of the notes by clicking here: Or you can print the blank notes to have the kids fill in by clicking here: You might also like our Sacrament Symbols…

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Catholic Mass Activity Checklist for Kids Bible Crafts, Sunday School Lessons, Religion Activities, Sunday School Activities, Catholic Kids Activities, Elementary Reading, Bible Lessons, Lessons For Kids, Catholic Teaching

Catholic Mass Checklist for kids! If your kids are busy and sqirmy during church, having something productive or meaningful for them to do can make a huge difference. Using the different parts of mass help your child stay interested by checking off each part of Mass as you do it! From the opening song, to the readings, gospel, homily, Eucharistic prayer, Communion, and more. Fun pictures for Catholic kids to learn more about Mass and stop asking "how much longer" Mass checklist. Mass…

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Free Printable Catholic Bingo Game Cards - Catholic Kids Activities, Catholic Kids, Catholic Religious Education, Catholic Education, Bingo Games, Religious Education, Bingo For Kids, Catholic, Catholic Coloring

Free Catholic themed bingo card printout for kids. Please enjoy these 12 unique catholic bingo cards along with a bingo card caller square page. Cut out the squares on the caller page, flip them over and randomly draw an item from the pile. While calling out the item, kids mark their catholic bingo cards accordingly.… Read More »Printable Catholic Bingo Cards

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Catholic Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Free Printable - Pre K, Confirmation, Catholic Homeschool, Catholic Crafts, Catholic Sacraments, Catholic Schools Week, Catholic Kids Activities, Catholic Kids Crafts, Catholic Faith Formation

Kids will enjoy looking around their parish church for the items in this eye spy scavenger hunt. Simply have them look for the items and either color or check the box once discovered. Object include: Monstrance, Tabernacle, Crucifix, Stations of the Cross, Sanctuary Lamp, Stained Glass Window, Presider’s Chair, Baptismal Font, Organ, Hymnal, Alter, Statue,… Read More »Catholic Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Free Printable