Carnival classroom

Transform your classroom into a vibrant carnival theme to engage and inspire your students. Discover top ideas for decorations, activities, and games that will make learning fun and memorable.
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Hi, it’s Jessi from Cooties and Cuties, and I am so excited to share favorite test prep ideas with you! Test prep season is a dreaded time filled with stress and anxiety, and if I could avoid it altogether, I would. This year, I knew I wanted to do something different, something that actually got my students excited about the insanely boring work we were about to do. If I’m being completely honest, I created this experience as much for myself as for my students. Test prep is never anyone’s…

Betty Eldredge
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We are on the RIDE to success in my new 3rd grade classroom and I can’t wait to take you on a tour of the new theme. I will also show you some essential decor and organization tools that you need in your classroom this upcoming year. I love theme parks and I always have...

Christy Binford
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So, I was lying in bed one night and my mind kept racing..."How could I make math test prep FUN?" "What could I do to replace the repetitive habit of assigning sampler after sampler for preparing for our state standardized tests?" Then it hit me! A MATH CARNIVAL!!! So, I decided that I would make this vision come to life. It took A LOT OF PLANNING. And that is the truth! I had no idea where to start. All I knew is how I wanted it to look. I wanted streamers, colors, food, and games. Not lame…

Laura Long