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21 Tiny, Small & Mini RVs You Must See to Believe! - RVshare.com

Discover 21 of the most adorable & practical Tiny, Small & Mini RVs! From Towable to drivable these RV motorhomes will help you get out & explore!

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75+ Of The Coolest Camping Gadgets & Unique Products For Campers

Discover all the coolest camping gadgets and unique camping products on the market. Check out our Cool Stuff For Campers Today!

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Make the most of it — Sean Woolsey Studio

Whether you are staying at home with family or spending time with friends this upcoming holiday, we hope that wherever you make the most of it! In honor of the Thanksgiving season, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite tables we have created over the years that remind us how important a goo

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The ideal sleeping spot

click on image for a HI-rez view tip number 93 The traditional camper doesn’t need to worry about finding a nice flat spot to sleep. They just hike to a heavily impacted designated site that’s already pounded flat. Then (after they set up their tent) they just unroll their porky full length inflatable pad, fill a stuff sack with all the clothes they take off and use this as their pillow. Then they climb into their beefy sleeping bag. If there is something lumpy under them, no worries, they can pad it with extra gear in their tent, like their bulky pile vest. The UL camper needs to think before sleeping. I am 6 feet tall, and about 18 inches wide, so I need a flat spot that matches those specifications, and NOTHING more. That’s pretty easy to find even in the lumpiest parts of our planet. This means you are essentially able to sleep pretty much ANYWHERE. You are no longer burdened by the traditional needs of a porky tent. Please be aware, there are regulations in place in most popular camping areas, know these rules before you set out. Also, it is considered a courtesy to camp well away from trails, away from lakes and streams and out of other camper’s majestic views. There is an uncomplicated methodology that can be employed to test flatness of any potential sleeping zone. Simply lie down in the desired spot, you’ll know right away if it’s lumpy or tilted. This is a foolproof technique and I advocate it emphatically. Alas, this overtly simple trick is unknown to most campers. If you are with partner, both of you should lie down side by side. If you want a little extra comfort, find a spot with a very slight dip at your hips, so your tired butt can get cradled by the loving embrace of mother Earth. And if you are using just a really thin pad, add a simple little doughnut made from closed-cell sleeping pad foam. This can be positioned under your hip bone if you are a side sleeper. Okay, you’ve picked your spot, tested it for flatness by lying down. While you are still on the ground, fastidiously mark out the four corners of your rectangle with some sticks or rocks. This way you can still visualize it when you stand up, and you can erect your tarp to precisely cover that zone.

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Over 40 Creative Camping Ideas and Tips - to have the ultimate camping trip.

Awesome Ideas, Gear, Tips, & Tricks to give you the most epic Camping trip EVER!

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Luxury in the Wild

Naibor, located in Kenya, is a private getaway that consists of seven luxurious tents. Each features king sized beds, wool rugs and atmosphere galore. Lions and hippos included. Via.

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Tip on how to start car camping!

We’ve been sleeping for as long as we can remember. In fact, we practice it almost every night. It’s something we’ve been doing since we were a baby and, at the risk of sounding arrogant, we’ve considered going semi-pro on multiple occasions. Yet even with all of this experience under our belts, we sometimes find that we need a little assistance when it comes to practicing our craft in new environments while car camping. Fortunately, Luno has put together a comprehensive step-by-step guide to sleeping in the car. This way you can take to the great outdoors and snooze like a pro from wherever the road may take you. Step 1: Remove the Luno Signature Air Mattress from its sleek carrying case and grab the two smaller base extenders (if your car needs them). Step 2: Plug your Luno Signature Air Mattress into your car’s DC outlet and attach it to said rectangular parts. Step 3: Turn the pump on and inflate both sections as you consider tinkling in the woods while your bed is underway. Step 4: Realize that your camping air mattress will be fully inflated in less time than it takes to nature pee and decide to hold it for a while longer. Step 5: Place your freshly puffed base extenders in the back seats’ foot space to fill the gap between the front and back seats and maximize potential bed space. Step 6: Roll out the deflated mattress halves, logo side up, in the space you plan to use for the night’s hibernation. Step 7: Inflate the mattress tops and silently panic over the fact that you forgot to pack your toothbrush. Step 7a: Resolve that cavemen never used toothbrushes so you’re probably fine. Step 8: Stand in awe as you admire how remarkably quickly the Luno Signature Air Mattress inflates. Step 8a: Think of what else is possible with the wonders of technology. Step 8b: Contemplate whether you will clone yourself in the future. Step 9: Lay the mattress over the expansive space that has been created thanks to those comfortable base extenders from step 5. Step 10: Marvel at how much space there is to (p)lay on your newly-inflated bed. Step 11: Immediately and enthusiastically starfish on the massive bed and thank the car camping gods for all they have blessed you with. Step 12: Realize that the amazing Luno air pump works so well that your car bed is a tinge too firm. Step 13: Use the push-button comfort valve to release the tiniest bit of air so that your mattress is perfectly adjusted to your liking. Step 14: Turn off all car lights to ensure that the car battery doesn’t crap out in the middle of the night. Step 14a: Recall that time you electrocuted yourself with the toaster oven and say a silent prayer that you never have to use jumper cables for as long as you live. Step 15: Crack your car windows so that you don’t wake up in a soggy and stuffy shoebox in the morning. Step 16: Lay some sheets (or your sleeping bag) out and make a mental note to track down a toothbrush in the near future. Step 17: Collapse into bed and bask in the warmth of the day’s sunburn as you drift off. Step 18: Dream that you’re sleeping atop the most comfortable bed in the entire world while the faint sounds of nature lull you into a deeper and deeper sleep. Step 19: Wake up and realize that dream was a reality. Step 20: Take on the day well-rested so that you can climb that mountain, catch that wave, and carpe all of the diem!

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Primitive Wikiup bushcraft shelter with campfire in the center. Makeshift survival shelter.

Bushcraft Camping:Building a WIkiup Survival Shelter. I build a primitive camp with natural materials in the woods. I build a fire in the middle of the hut....

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Heavy Duty Car Travel Air Inflatable Mattress Sleeping Bed SUV Back Seat Mat

Specification: Material PVC, Flocking Cloth Color Green FoldingSize 31x25x16cm/ 12.2x9.84x6.3inch Unfolded Size 180x128x12cm/ 7.09x5.04x0.47inch Weight Approx. 4kg Features: Ultra-thickened flocking cloth. Easy to fold and unfold. Made of compound, breathable and eco-friendly PVC material, which is non-toxic, smell-less, safe. Suitable to SUV, MPV, beach, camping, hiking, outdoor, aquatic, etc. Ultra-thin and streamline design, three-piece folding, special design on the position of tires. Easy to carry and deflate, the mattress can be inflated fully and deflated convenient within two minutes. Package Included: 1 x Inflatable Mattress 1 x Electric Air Pump 1 x Maintenance Package (include 2 Patches and a Bottle of Dedicated Glue) 1 x Carry Bag

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