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The lot of 600 vintage cameras I reported about few months ago is still available for sale on eBay. The item description is "most are in working order, newer SLRs not working"... The collection, described as the 3rd or 4th largest in world, contains Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, Canon, Rollei and Kodak cameras from 1880-1980. You can […]

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A quick update on the story I ran few months ago on the Ralph Nelson’ Leica M4 cameras kit: LEICA CAMERAS WITH HOLLYWOOD HISTORY FIND NEW HOME IN LEICA STORE LISSE Santa Monica, CA., November 4, 2015 – Duncan Meeder, one of the most respected Leica dealers in Europe and Asia, has just added a sequentially […]

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Images courtesy of A few weeks ago during a photo shoot, I dropped and fatally damaged one of my cameras. Since I live a good distance from any urban area with a camera shop, I always go online to buy camera and lenses. I began my search by browsing new camera gear listings and soon experienced some serious sticker shock. I was amazed at how many new cameras and lenses were selling for over a thousand dollars or two.

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