Calla Lily

Enhance the beauty of your space with stunning calla lily arrangements. Discover unique ideas to add elegance and sophistication to any occasion.
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The Stebbins Collection: A Gift for the Morse Museum introduced to the public for the first time a previously held private collection of seventy works of art by fifty-three artists. From paintings and sculpture to works on paper, the Stebbins Collection includes American masters from Thomas Moran (1837–1926) and Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902) to Thomas Eakins (1844–1916) and Fidelia Bridges (1834–1923). Assembled over the course of fifty-five years, the Stebbins Collection features artists of…

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The name of this beautiful flower that originates from a marshy soil in South Africa comes from the Greek word 'Καλά' that means 'good, beautiful'. Despite that name, Calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) is not really

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QUESTION: Is calla lily an indoor or outdoor plant? I want to add some to my collection but don’t know where to grow them. — Natalie C. ANSWER: Calla lilies can be grown outdoors, or they can be grown in containers indoors as part of a houseplant collection. Calla lilies are winter hardy in USDA […]