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Improve call centre performance with these effective strategies. Discover how to optimize customer service, boost productivity, and maximize efficiency in your call centre operations.
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People Are Sharing Bad Stock Photos Of Their Jobs That Are So Far From Reality, It’s Hilarious (35 New Pics)

Whether we're talking about the dark side of stock photography or images you won’t be able to unsee, the Internet seems obsessed with these tasteless crimes against photography. Such lousy pictures really stand out from the crowd—over-exaggerated emotions, questionable settings, poor editing—the list goes on. Bad stock photos have that rare quality of capturing our attention, and examples of workers failing at their jobs are a source of pure comedy gold.

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Call Centre Bingo- tips for better outcomes - Wild About Travel

Moved house this week. This means lots of call centre experiences. How to have better ones… Investigate complaints boards, frequent flyer forums and Tripadvisor to see if other people have had the same issue. Sometimes, you can get a quick tip or have information for the operator on how to solve the problem or be told who the best contact is. If it is clear that no one else has had success using a particular route, then do not waste your time duplicating fruitless efforts Learn how that…

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