Cake slice chart

Learn how to cut the perfect slice of cake with our cake slice chart. Follow our guide to ensure every slice is uniform and delicious. Impress your guests with beautifully sliced cakes at your next event.
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You are in charge of making a cake for a special event but you don’t know how much you need? Have you ever found that you didn’t make enough? Or maybe that you made WAY too much? This is a question I have been asked several times and will make easier for …

Areej Aslam
Wediquette and Parties: Wedding Cakes- A Sweet Ending to a Great Beginning! Dessert, Cake, Cake Decorating Tips, Inspiration, Cake Pricing Chart, Cake Pricing, Cake Business, Cake Serving Chart, Cake Serving Guide

When you're finished reading this post, be sure to check out some Cakes & Cake Ideas on Wediquette's Pinterest page! Wedding cake is a treat. It's not the oversized, decadent dessert you might go for at a restaurant, but rather a nice, sweet end to an often indulgent feast. While the pieces are often ordinary, the overall picture of the cake is breathtaking, a grand finale, a big Wow factor at a wedding. After the bride and groom cut the cake ceremoniously at a reception venue (feeding it to…

Susan Reeder