Building a house checklist

Ensure a smooth and successful house building process with this comprehensive checklist. From planning to finishing touches, this guide covers everything you need to know.
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Hello! So, I have a sister and sister-in-law building homes and so I have been brought back to the home building process as we’ve looked at plans and lighting and flooring and paint colors! I have kept a list of things that I wish we had done differently or things I wish we would have considered and I hope it helps if you are building, re-modeling, finishing a space. First, I need to say without reserve that I *love* our home. It is perfect for our family. I try to give thanks whenever I can…

Julie Nolan
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So you decided its time to build a new home and the first step you need to think about is budgeting, you start adding up the costs for land, foundation, framing and the list goes on and all you can see is dollar signs everywhere. So you start wondering how you can save money when building a house. Building a house is not cheap, but with budgeting and knowing how to spend your money wisely, you can build your dream home. My parent recently moved into their new home, and they saved so much…

Pam Garrett