Bug killer

Get rid of pesky bugs with the most effective bug killers. Protect your home from infestations and enjoy a bug-free environment. Find the perfect bug killer for your needs.
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It started with just a few ant sightings. One here, two there, and I wasn't particularly worried about it to be honest. There wasn't any food left around for them, and I keep everything clean, so they must have been passing through. Right?Wrong. Oh, so wrong.I walked into my kitchen one morning, and boom! Full on ant party. The walls, counter, floors, trash can... all of it, covered in ants. They had to go, immediately.So, my friends, here is exactly what I did:1. I did NOT crushed them, or…

Bonita Lunt
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Cockroaches, ants, and fleas can wreak havoc on your home. But what if there was one non-toxic method to rid them all from your home, instead of stocking and spraying a number of different chemicals around the house. Borax can rid these yucky bugs from your home without having to spray harsh chemicals. The way...

Beulah Phillips