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Recover from a broken ankle faster with these helpful tips. Discover exercises, treatments, and strategies to get back on your feet and regain your mobility.
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As I wrote in a previous post with much more detail (see here), I fell off a mountain and broke my ankle in three places, then managed to break a bone in my 5th toe on the other foot. This meant that my right ankle was in a hard cast for 6 weeks and I…

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After spending between 1-3 months with your foot in a CAM walker (boot), you might be eager to get back to the things you love doing, whether that’s running, dancing, or playing with your kids. But the work isn’t over yet. Now begins 2-3 months of rehabilitation to restore the motion and strength in your…

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When I broke my left ankle in three places last January, I did plenty of internet research. Like all good nerds, when faced with a new and frightening situation my default mode is to gather information. I found plenty of excellent information, particularly from the American College of Orthopedic Surgeons. But what I couldn’t find, and rather desperately wanted, was a sense of what to expect at what time during my recovery. Instead I found plenty of people writing about how they still limped…

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k a l a n i c u t: 10 Things To Know About Broken Foot Recovery  Survival tips for making it through a broken foot and life in a cast. I broke five bones in my foot, was in a cast for almost five months and non-weight-bearing for three months. See my Life With A Broken Foot board for lots more tips for the best equipment and techniques to get through a challenging situation and heal as quickly as possible. Ankle Fracture Recovery, Ankle Surgery Recovery, Broken Ankle Recovery, Foot Injury, Ankle Injury, Broken Fibula, Jones Fracture, Metatarsal Fracture, Broken Foot

This is a post for anyone who may find my blog because of my social media posts on having a broken foot earlier this year. I think it's time for a follow up as well because no one really talks about what happens after you get out of the cast. Once that cast goes away, I think people just expect that everything goes right back to normal and you are totally healed and it's over. Not so. Next week it has been almost 10 months since I broke my foot. Hard to believe. I thought it would be helpful…

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Phew! I made it! Well...sort of. It has been seven weeks since the surgery, and although I'm out of the cast, I am now in a walking boot. The last few days have been a little frustrating, but I know we're on the right track. What I Would Have Done Differently - Understood the Process When we went in to the doctor's office on Wednesday, I legitimately thought that I'd be walking out on my own two feet with the help of the walking boot. Turns out that was not the case, and I've got another two…

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A fractured, or broken, ankle can result in either minimal damage that allows you to put weight on it during your recovery, or a significant amount of damage, requiring you to stay off your feet quite a bit. Multiple fractures can keep you entirely off your feet for up to three months.

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