Brioche knitting patterns

Explore a collection of beautiful brioche knitting patterns to create stylish and unique projects. Get inspired and start your next knitting adventure with these stunning designs.
If you've never tried brioche knitting, this is your chance! Check out our article on Brioche Knitting 101 for the low-down on how to knit with this stunning technique. Knitting, Crochet, Brioche, Brioche Knitting Patterns, Knitting Techniques, Knitting Stitches, Knitting Terms, Knitting Instructions, Knitting 101

Brioche knitting has a reputation for being one of the most complicated techniques in knitting. And while there are quite a few ways in which brioche knitting can be a bit challenging, most of the hype around this knitting technique comes from the unique terminology that's used for brioche. The new words and stitches can even make the most experienced knitters a little confused from time to time. What do barking and burping have to do with knitting? Once you get past the strange terminology…

Linda Christie